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How to become a better failure in 2024

December 17, 20237 min read

How to become a better failure in 2024

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. There is no disgrace in honest failure; there is disgrace in fearing to fail. - Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company

Failure or success - all you need do is learn.

We hear this all too often, and if I were to ask you about it, you’d be able to acknowledge and recite this same point yourself.

Yet here we are - with that looming feeling of regret over wasted time and regressed focus. Every day seems to slip into the next, with little to no points being added to the board.

If this sounds familiar, tune in. This was and still is an experience I go through occasionally, but I’ve glued a framework together on avoiding regression / failure and picking up from where you left off more effectively in a practical way for most people watching.

Before we get into the meat of the video, let me introduce myself - my name is Geb - I’m bla bla bla

One of the biggest issues I’ve come across both in my journey and that of others I talk with is that they… simply are not trying as much as is required. You can re-read that sentence.

What I mean by trying is not necesarily doing the same thing over and over again. When I say trying this would imply that after every attempt, wether succesful at that activity or endeavor or NOT successful, you better improve your approach.

And now this is a buzzword that I hear around most online “money-making” and hustle internet spheres, yet below the surface of “just get better and try again bro”, I’ve seen way to little practical advice and steps towards how to actually get better and suck less.

I’ve broken this into 3 practical aspects and areas that by the end of the video you should not have any more problems in the future. Instead of outlining what “goody-two-shoes” should do, I’ll cover them in the opposite manner.

I found it way easier and more effective to give you negative examples as a standard - then give you the opposite.

So, if you want to fuck yourself up more in the future, try your best to do the following 3 things:


Why are decisions even on this list? Simple. Decisions are the train tracks of your life. They’re what guides you and your actions. And because the guide of your actions is your perspective and decision, its important to mention these being slightly more important. This is because you’re always one bad decision from a good or bad outcome in any area of our lives.

One of Hormozi’s saying I stand by is that you’re one decision away from drinking and getting killed in a car accident, you’re one decision away from cheating on your spouse and ruining your marriage, you’re one decision away from a comment that can ruin your child, and likewise you’re one decision away from ruining your business if you so chose.

With this in mind, its important to notice and maneuver situations accordingly if you’re faced with making any decision. And the biggest decision-making blunders happen when you’re not even aware you’re taking a decision with significant downstream consequence.

I found that the most important decisions in life are the ones that are irreversible and have downstream consequences. These are the decisions that have the biggest impact on our lives, so it's important to make them carefully.

The majority of the decisions you take might not require that much rigor, however the most important decisions that you take (ex: where you want to live, who you’ll marry, what are you going to work on, etc.) do have a significant downstream effect.

A lead indicator of a impending bad decision is when your data and information on a decision remain unchanged and your view or path you’re leaning towards change from one day to another. Believe it or not, we’re 100% emotional decisionmakers, and there’s no changing that. Dopamine, serotonin and how much of all other juices you have flowing in your system influence your decisions. And there’s no changing that, however we can change HOW much they influence us. And there’s a simple process to it.

  • Four-step process as follows:

    • Rest: Be well rested. Not ok rested. Not good sleep. Great sleep. Recognize when you wake up feeling like a newborn baby and focus on making decisions on that day.

    • Eat: Obviously. People who stress-eat do it because it makes you more cortisol tolerant. Your body interprets stress both physical and psychological as cortisol. You feel better after you eat, you’re less stressed, you’re more rational.

    • Change your environment: This means removing yourself from the past decision-making environment. If you're making a decision about your job, go for a walk or spend some time in nature. This will help you to see things more clearly and make a decision that's in your best interest. Do not switch location to a more stressful or stimulating place.

    • Operate from a place of needing nothing: This means that you're not attached to the outcome of the decision. If you're able to let go of your expectations, you'll be more open to making a decision that's right for you, even if it's not the one you originally wanted


The second surefire way to torpedo your progress is to make your environment your worst enemy. It’s like trying to sail a boat with holes in the hull. Genius, right? If your goal is to read more, why not keep your TV remote handy and your bookshelf in another room, preferably locked. Want to save money? Keep those online shopping tabs open and your credit card details saved for that one-click disaster purchase.

Your environment is the sneaky puppeteer of your habits. If you set it up to work against you, it's like trying to climb a mountain with weights tied to your feet. It’s not just about physical space; it’s about the people you surround yourself with too. Trying to be more positive? Spend time with the world's biggest pessimists. It’s a surefire way to douse any spark of positivity you might have left.


Now, here’s the crown jewel of self-sabotage – become your own worst enemy. Talk to yourself like you’d never talk to anyone else. Missed a deadline? You’re obviously the laziest person on the planet. Made a mistake? Clearly, you’re just not cut out for success. The trick here is to never, ever give yourself a break.

Also, make sure to broadcast your flaws like a breaking news alert. Tell everyone about your shortcomings. This way, you can ensure that others will see you through the same harsh, unforgiving lens you use to judge yourself. It’s a great way to reinforce a negative self-image and ensure that you stay stuck in the same rut forever.

Conclusion: Flipping the Script

So, there you have it. A masterclass in how to spectacularly fail at life and everything in it. But what if we flipped the script? What if instead of setting ourselves up for failure, we set ourselves up for success? It's about making smarter decisions, shaping our environment to support our goals, and being our own cheerleader instead of our worst critic.

The truth is, we often know what we need to do to succeed. It’s not a lack of knowledge that holds us back, but a lack of action. So, take these three points and turn them around. Make good decisions, even when they’re hard. Shape your environment to make success the easiest option. And be kind to yourself – after all, you’re the only ‘you’ you’ve got.

Embrace your failures, learn from them, and then leave them behind. Success isn’t about never falling down; it’s about getting up one more time than you fall. So, get up, dust yourself off, and take that next step forward. Remember, the only real failure is giving up. Keep moving, keep trying, and you'll turn those failures into stepping stones to success.

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Gain clarity and build your vizion.

Join 1,000+ getting mindf*cked every Sunday evening while reading Vizions (you’ll learn a bit about life & business too.)

Join 1,000+ getting mindf*cked every Sunday evening while reading Vizions (you’ll learn a bit aSocial Iconsbout life & business too.)

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